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5 Useful Interior Painting Tips: An Interview with Mark Coplien of Coplien Painting Inc

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We are a full service interior and residential, farm, commercial, church, and municipal painting contractor. We also have an in house spray booth where we pre finished doors and woodwork. We provide tree service and are a fairly large snow removal contractor, residential and commercial.

What's one of the most important things you can do to properly prep walls and trim before painting?

Preparation is 90% of the work. Moving furniture, taping all surfaces that come in contact where application is taking place, and covering is very important. Not only for productivity, but safety for the men.

Can you briefly talk about the different looks you can get with a faux finish?

How does the price compare with a regular finish? Faux finishing is a "3D" effect. It is a process that is very time consuming. Faux finishing has not been as popular as it has been over the last few years. Because of the extra amount of time it takes with multiple processes, expense can more than double, sometimes triple what painting a normal wall would cost with primer and finish coat.

Is ceiling and wall repair necessary in most cases? What are the basic steps involved?

We do a lot of repair work on walls and ceilings. From cracks to water damage, we have repaired damaged plaster ceiling holes as large as 12 ft. in diameter. We replicate plaster finishes using joint compound and texturing processes. I would venture to say that 75% of out interior work involves some type of repair work.

What are some of the current interior painting trends for houses in Wisconsin?

Accent walls are still very common. Burgundy's and dark greens seem to be a fading trend. More earth tone colors seem to be the fad right now. Lighter colors like off white's seem to be popular at this time. White woodwork and kitchen's seem to be making a come back. The nice thing about painted woodwork in "new" home settings or remodels is that Poplar wood can be used at a fraction of the cost of any other.

Do you have any advice for choosing the right color for a particular room?

Lighting is key, we work with decorators from Chicago, Ill. to Madison, Wi.. They all seem to follow the same trends. White ceilings for a brighter light effect in the rooms, and the sky's the limit on the walls. Natural sun will always make things appear more yellow than they truly are. Use things like furniture, pillows, pictures, etc.. to accentuate colors in your room. Leave the wall color neutral, use an accent wall if needed for a little extra color.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

You can find us on the internet at


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