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Aerial Bliss: Raising Self Esteem, One Pole at a Time

By Elisha Neubauer

While CrossFit and Pilates have been at the forefront of the exercise movement over the last few years, there is a new leader in the fun and exciting exercise game Aerial and Pole Fitness.

Wanting to break away from the traditional gym structure and dull routines, many people have begun flocking to unique physical fitness practices, such as pole dancing or aerial acrobatics. While many gyms and studios recognized this surge in popularity, their corporate structures didn't allow for flexibility in class offerings. That is exactly what Jackie Steinhauer, owner of Aerial Bliss, set out to remedy.

"I opened Aerial Bliss because I realized that there were a lot of people out there interested in pole dancing, but their needs weren't being met by other studios due to the way most studios schedule classes in 4-8 week sessions," she said.

Wanting to be able to meet the needs of those with irregular schedules and monetary restrictions, she launched a class model which would allow for clients to take classes as they were able to, with no minimum requirements, weekly commitments, or financial membership fees. Prices are set by class. This allows for clients to come and go as they are capable, minimizing the hit on their wallet and the stress of attending classes which do not coincide with their schedule.

"Also, sessions are designed for the average student," Steinhauer said. "Some students may need more time and other may need less to learn the same skill set and be ready to move to a higher degree of difficulty."

Class sizes are also much smaller than the average pack-them-in gym structure. For each pole class offered, only six slots are available, making one-on-one instruction much more intensive. Each class is 75 minutes long and has certain requirements for the student to progress into the next level. Pole classes offered include basic spins and climbs (beginners), beginning inversions and advanced spins (intermediate), and advanced inversions (advanced). Beginning lyra offers students a chance to get their start in aerial hooping, Flex gives students the opportunity to work on the flexibility required for pole, and open studio grants the studio to students for whatever their focus needs to be, presenting the studio and all the equipment for open, free use so that students can work on their area of requirements in their own time. Equipment includes pole, pole silks, lyra (aerial hoop), stall bars, straps, exercise bands.

"Pole and aerial workouts boost many people's self esteem," Steinhauer said. In addition to self esteem, pole and aerial workouts are exceptional for increasing core and upper body strength. "At Aerial Bliss we really bond and support each other so you gain a new group of friends as well," she said.

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