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Alleviate Stress and ReCharge Your Life with Nutrient Dense Greens

By Elisha Neubauer

SuperCharge Foods is reinventing the way people see food. Their holistic growing approaches and clean energy methods have turned indoor farming into a movement- one which benefits everyone involved.

When it comes to today's nutrition, TJ DiCiaula, Co-Owner of SuperCharge Foods, claims most of it is devoid of the necessary requirements our human bodies need to survive. "Food offerings of society have become predominately dead, chemical, GMO, and void of necessary minerals and nutrition that sustain life and well-being," he tells us. According to DiCiaula, the body is alive and thus needs live energy in order to function at optimal levels. When one consumes dead food, it deprives the body of the crucial nutrients it requires.

This is where SuperCharge Foods comes in. "SuperCharge is growing the most nutrient dense plants on the planet through sustainable biodynamic methods to provide fresh live food for the people on a continual basis," DiCiaula explains. SuperCharge Foods realizes that when all essential dietary needs are met, people are healthier in every aspect of their lives. They can function at a higher level, express their creativity in a higher caliber, and foster proactive relationships. "This is why we added Community Juice Bar, the treatment room, and studio space to our facility," affirms DiCiaula. "So people can gather, converse, share their gifts and ideas, and offer workshops and classes to build and uplift community."

The Juice Bar consists of a community space which offers juices, smoothies, and teas which have all been specifically tailored to supercharge your body in the most holistic, natural way possible. The space is located directly in front of the "Urban Farm", allowing them to provide the freshest, farm to table nutritious treats possible. In order to generate an even larger scale community feel, SuperCharge Foods has opened a Community Studio & Treatment Room.

The area contains natural bamboo flooring, ionization and air filtration provided by the indoor MicroGreen Farm located within the building, Memon technology. Memon technology is a unique product created in Germany and provides the incoming power to the space. It works by deleting the harmful information fields associated with electricity and electrical devices. "The Memon field creates a wonderful non-chaotic environment conducive to creativity, health, and healing," says DiCiaula. "It even harmonizes WIFI frequency!"

In addition to community spaces and natural juice bars, SuperCharge Foods provides yoga and wellness classes as well as therapy and healing work. Classes such as yoga, and wellness classes, workshops, and gatherings. All are provided by highly qualified trainers right in the same space as the Urban Indoor Farm that is SuperCharge Foods.

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