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Cookies Are All The Rage At Tank Goodness Cookies

By Michael Abelson

Brent Hoffman wasn't planning on being in the cookie business. He bought the Madison shop of Tank Goodness Cookies as a way to continue his business-based research about appreciation. However, in the end, the cookies kept selling and the money kept rolling in. Now, Tank Goodness offers nearly a dozen flavors of cookie as well a gluten-free options. Hoffman took some time to answer questions about the shop, his inspiration and what keeps it all going.

What ​was the inspiration behind opening Tank Goodness Cookies? How long have you been in business?

The original owners (owned for less than a year) started the business through a connection with the store in Minnesota. From the beginning and after proof of concept, Tank Goodness Cookies was going to become a franchise business. Additional locations opened in a few other states and the brand experienced tremendous growth. Unfortunately, the founder of the company fell on hard times and left each location to fend for themselves. That's when I stepped in and bought the Madison location and turned the business around. Each owner was still able to run their business on their own but I helped provide a system for us to negotiate pricing with vendors.

Originally, I had no interest in running a cookie business.The motivation behind my purchase was actually fueled by research I was doing at the time (2013) around the power of appreciation. For the first 18 months, I used Tank Goodness Cookies to send Thank You gifts to the clients from my other businesses and monitored the results. Combining the sales that came in on their own, Tank Goodness started to grow legs and become profitable. Today, cookies are one of the most popular gifts you can send to somebody as a thank you, happy birthday, etc.

Along with the location in Madison, there are locations opening up all over the country. What do you think it is about Tank Goodness Cookies that make them so popular?

Why cookies? It all comes down to an emotional connection with the smell and taste that transports us back to positive childhood memories. Unless you have an allergy that would otherwise prevent you from eating cookies, everybody likes cookies. In five years, and tens of thousands of cookies delivered, we've never received a negative review or been asked for a refund. When you combine high-quality ingredients, award-winning recipes, warm out-of-the-oven cookies, and top-notch customer service you have a recipe for success.

Do you only offer the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies or do you have other flavors as well?

Eighty-five percent of our orders are for our delicious chocolate chip cookies. It's not so much a factor of awareness as it is of convenience. Unless you know the flavor or preference of the person receiving the cookies, chocolate chip is always the safe/best bet. Even if the person receiving the cookies like a different flavor more, everybody like chocolate chip cookies. We also offer peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia, triple chocolate, sugar, birthday cake, Snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, pumpkin spice, red velvet, Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip, and gluten-free chocolate chip

Something important about Tank Goodness Cookies is that we make all of our cookies by hand, in small batches every morning. The only machine we use is standard issue kitchen mixer (the same one you probably have on your counter at home). We realized one important thing in the past five years: great cookies come from the level of attention you pay during the preparation. There are other businesses that can deliver warm cookies but there preparation is completed somewhere else, the cookies are frozen and then baked and delivered locally. We never freeze our cookies, locally source as many ingredients as possible and focus on high quality.

Why do you think Tank Goodness Cookies are perfect for any occasion?

The smell of a warm chocolate-chip cookie is enough to drive anyone crazy. The warm, sweet aroma permeates the brain and makes you forget everything else. Plus, cookies are perfect for every age and gender. Not many gifts can check nearly every box needed when sending that perfect gift. Cookies are something that everybody knows and loves but we all have our own relationship and memories with. That's what makes Tank Goodness Cookies the perfect gift.

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