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Creating a Home Garden: an Interview with Jennifer of Wendland Nursery

By Jennifer

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Wendland Nursery, a division of Wendland Landscape Services Inc., has been providing southeast Wisconsin with quality products and services for almost 30 years. We bring over 45 years of experience to each job and are committed to providing excellent service to each and every customer.

We have well-trained specialized landscaping crews for each type of work we perform-grading crews, planting crews, pruning and maintenance crews, hardscape crews, etc. and a foreman on site for every job. Our 48 acre nursery allows for a wide variety of sizes and types of plant material. We offer a large retail area that is easily accessible. This provides every customer with the opportunity to view all different types of materials and personally select the specific materials to be used in the landscape. We also stock a wide variety of mulches and soils, including several products from Purple Cow Organics®.

We offer a large variety of landscaping services including: landscape plans / sketches, installation of plants and/or mulch, final grading with seed or sod installation, pruning, and fertilization. We have expanded our hardscape division by becoming a distributor for the County® Materials Corporation line of pavers and retaining wall block. Whether you like to do it yourself or need full design and installation services, we can take care of you! We specialize in fire pits, retaining walls, paver walks and patios, and small concrete projects.

We handle all types and sizes of projects. From commercial to residential, new construction to landscape renovations, we have the ability to do them all!

What is the easiest process for setting up a garden?

The easiest garden for anyone is a container garden. No need to take up room in your yard. No need to have a rototiller or other special tools. No need to bend or stoop to reach your garden. Creating a container garden is as easy as it gets and makes growing your own veggies available to anyone, even those living in apartments or condominiums.

What are a few easy vegetables one could grow at home?

You can grow almost anything in a container. Your container size is the only limiting factor. Common container gardens may include tomatoes, peppers, or herbs. But don't limit yourself. Carrots do great in containers, as do squash, cucumbers, beans, eggplant and strawberries. Many vegetables come in varieties specifically bred for container gardens to keep them more compact.

What is the typical price for homeowners to create their own garden?

You can go all out or make the most basic container garden-it's all up to you. Premium soil and/or compost is recommended for the best nutrition. You can start your plants from seed or buy starter plants from a garden center / nursery like us.

What are 3 ways homeowners could create their garden while remaining eco-friendly?

Just about anything can be used as a container for your garden, just make sure you provide drainage holes in the bottom and pick a plant that fits your container. For example, use an old rain boot or recycled milk jugs to grow herbs. Make your own compost and add extra nutrition to your containers then recycle your garden plants when the season ends to make more compost.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

Check out our website at www.WendlandNursery.com or call us at (262) 251-9678. We are open year round.

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