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Drywall vs. Faux Finish: An Interview with Judith Sosbe of Feather Drywall

By Jude Sosbe

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

The company was started after I spent 9 years as a supervisor sending out my repair people to repair not only changes in homes and businesses after the final walk-through for touch-ups, we ended up repairing work that could have been corrected within the company as the work was originally going on. The company could have taken the time to do the proper work in the first place, and there would have been less work in the repair department and less cost for the company to pay for the work to be done. I just couldn't watch that happen any longer and decided to do the correct way from start to finish.

Please explain what a faux-finish is for our viewers.

Faux finishes are actually part of the paint department. They can range from specific scenes to characterize to just about anything one would want painted on their walls. As for drywall, we apply different textures on walls and ceilings to give a splash of texture to their walls before the painting is started. Some popular textures are knock-down texture--splattered mud in small spots sprayed all over the wall and let dry for a few minutes then take a flat spatula and smooth down the round spots. Orange peel--little round spots of texture sprayed evenly on the wall (not knocked down) and sand texture, which is a standard texture in most homes.

What are the main benefits and downfalls of having a faux finish on your walls?

The benefit of a faux finish and texture is that it is quite forgiving of blemishes on drywall, and it adds a little something different to the room. The downfall is the cost. It is more expensive to have it applied; as well as down the road, if you want to change the room's finish, it may take a bit more than paint and that can be costly.

Please explain what a drywall is for our viewers.

Drywall is a gypsum board that comes in different sizes that is screwed up to the studs in your home where all the seams and angles and corners are taped and a mud compound is applied to blend in all the sheets to make beautiful walls and ceilings in your home.

What are the main benefits and downfalls of drywall?

Benefits are that drywall helps insulate your rooms as well as separates one room from another. The only downfall to a drywall is when it gets wet. If not removed in a timely manner it will start to mold and could potentially become a larger problem.

Which do you prefer, faux finish or regular drywall and why?

Regular drywall shows excellent craftsmanship.

What is the easiest way for people to contact you or your business?

People can e-mail me at milwdrywall@yahoo.com or call or text my cell phone: 262- 498-8266.

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