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Entrust Your Electrical Needs to Scott Kiel Electric

By Marina I. Jokic

Scott Kiel Electric is a small electrical contractor shop in Madison, Wisconsin that specializes in residential projects as well as business installations. Owner Scott Kiel has worked in the field for the last fifteen years, applying his extensive experience to resolve electrical problems, from wiring a new home to changing a simple switch, Scott is ready to tackle any challenge.

Having been an electrician his entire life and treading in the footsteps of three generations of electricians before him, Scott has been steeped in electrical knowledge from the early age of seven. At that point in time, Scott's father was sending him to job sites to pick up tools and install outlets. Scott started handling entire jobs by the age of thirteen, and by sixteen had acquired his personal work truck. "I still remember the satisfaction of the first house that I ever wired pass[ing] inspection with no problems," he shares.

At one point during his school years, Kiel contemplated becoming an electrical engineer. Although he enjoyed learning the material and was excited by the subject matter, he could not resign himself to a sedentary job. After three years in the program, he dropped out and went back to working as a full-time electrician. "I began to realize that electrical engineers actually spent a lot of time in cubicles and didn't get to stretch their legs much," Scott explains, firmly believing he made the right decision. It seemed that running his own business was his unequivocal passion and vocation, allowing him a certain independence he could not have enjoyed in any other role.

For Scott, his love of electricity doesn't only originate from mastering the technical aspects of the job. There are other subtleties to consider such as creating a perfectly lit environment for a home's residents, one that will bring them comfort and enjoyment throughout their lives. More practically, finding the appropriate lighting for a space can make or break its functionality and user-friendliness. For instance, a poorly lit dining room, one that is either too bright or too dark, can make for an unsuitable space to eat and even affect your perception of the food.

Another aspect that Scott enjoys about his work is meeting new and interesting people, being invited into homes and businesses, and helping make places safer and more enjoyable to occupy. "Doing electrical work is more than a job, it is so much more than just knowledge of code," Scott says. People care greatly about their homes, and helping make those homes safer and more beautiful is a rewarding experience. The process of doing so is not always linear and predicable, Scott points out.

"The state of mind for doing electrical work is very simply a moment by moment process, ever-changing and evolving, anything but routine," he adds.

Scott Kiel Electric is a team of two, Scott and his apprentice, which makes for a busy schedule. The trick to keeping on top of his jobs is to tackle one project at a time, complete it thoroughly, and move on to the next, points out Scott. "There is something beautiful about an electrical project done properly," notes Scott with satisfaction.

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