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Family First at RM Cleaning, LLC

By Jake Levin

Years ago, Mildred Pezua worked as a nanny for a woman who seemed to always be busy and stressed out.

As soon as Pezua could get the woman's baby to sleep, she'd proceed to run around the house and do chores and clean things up. These weren't part of her job description; she just loved the feeling of helping someone who was clearly in need. Sure enough, this developed into a full-fledged passion for Pezua, as RM Cleaning was founded in Madison, Wis. shortly thereafter.

"It was so rewarding to see the relief in her face when she would come back home and see that everything was tidied up and she did not have to worry," Pezua recalled. "I remember thinking, hey, I like this feeling. Maybe I could do this for a living."

The family-owned operation consists of Pezua and her husband, as well as their own children once upon a time when they were in high school and needed work during the summer. Other employees of RM Cleaning tend to be moms and dads themselves, who are working around the schedules of their own kids so that they can be there to pick them up off the bus from school. On top of being flexible with family needs, Pezua said that she takes great pride in paying her employees fair wages and rewarding a job well done.

"In our family, we believe in honesty, hard work, and always doing our best," Pezua said. "Every day we apply these same values to our work. From us you can expect quality house cleaning services, responsiveness, honesty, and an overall great experience."

RM Cleaning has won several awards, which Pezua believes all come down to customer service. Something as basic as cleaning a home may seem like a mundane task, she said, but there is really much more to it.

Pezua acknowledged that it may sound strange, but she and her team of cleaners really do enjoy the work that they do. RM Cleaning differs from the chains in that it doesn't see itself as a group of housecleaners; it sees itself as a helping hand for those who need it.

"Quite often we'll get calls from people who are going through tough situations and need our help," Pezua said. "For example, I've had clients that have medical conditions or are taking care of someone with a medical condition and have no time to take care of their home. We love to be able to come and help them out. We've had clients cry of happiness and relief when they come back home after we're done cleaning and see the results. these are people that are giving their everything to take care of others, and finally can feel like someone else has their back, too."

RM Cleaning has also expanded into the real estate industry during the last few years. Their deep cleaning and move in/out cleaning services are very popular among those looking to transition out of or into a new home, as well as listing agents that are getting ready to put a house on the market and want it open-house ready. If you'd like to learn more about the services RM Cleaning has to offer, you can visit their website here for information on what their house cleaning services include and to book a free estimate.

For more visit rmcleaningmadison.com.

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