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From Instructor to Owner: How Gymfinity Became the Successful Multi-Sport Venue It is Today

By Elisha Neubauer

Jason Orkowski was no stranger to the gymnastics industry. Having worked in the business for many years, he seemed to have a knack for it -- so much so that he found himself coaching at gyms and camps across the country. Each and every place he partnered with began to see an immediate increase in growth, leading Orkowski to believe he should give the business a go for himself.

While Orkowski was on point with his training and coaching techniques, there was one side of the industry that he wasn't familiar with -- he had no idea how to run a successful, functioning business. Knowing this was a weakness of his, and not wanting to risk failure due to a lack of understanding, he opted instead to partner with another individual: a parent of two of his students who was skilled in operating a business.

"He taught me how to run a business while I taught his kids gymnastics," Orkowski explained. The partnership was a success. Orkowski learned how to run the business quickly, and five years later found himself buying his partner out, taking sole control of the company. His next step was to purchase the land and building that they had been occupying, completing his journey to sole ownership. "It has been ours ever since and it grew from day one," he said.

Orkowski knew that gymnastics was an important activity for all children, with no limitations. "In a manner of speaking gymnastics and movement are pivotal factors in developing a young brain," he detailed. To ensure that no child was left out, he made sure that their facility was capable of accommodating all children, regardless of their needs and requirements. "From day one we offered classes for special needs kids," Orkowski announced.

"We've always felt that just because kids are differently abled doesn't mean that they shouldn't have the same opportunities as other kids." In addition to making sure his facility could meet the requirements of the special needs families, Orkowski also instilled discounts for these families in order to lessen any additional financial stresses.

"Parents of kids with special needs are hit with so many extra expenses that other families don't have to worry about," he said. "So our classes are discounted to be sure that these families can participate."

Wanting to pave the way for children to find a love of gymnastics, Orkowski opened Gymfinity to the general public for birthday parties. Guests can play on the state of the art equipment and are led in specially designed exercises and activities by a professional, safety-trained party master. "Birthdays are big deals for kids," Orkowski stated. "Do you remember your best birthday party from when you were a kid? Well, our goal is to be that party for every kid that comes to a Gymfinity party."

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