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Home Closing Preparation

By Paul Margerie

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Our company was founded in 2006 by three of the top Real Estate Attorneys in Southeastern Wisconsin; Ronald E. Jacquart, Joseph W. Scherwenka and Paul B. Margerie. They formed the company after seeing the need in the industry for a title company whose focus would be the professional client. All title companies produce the same product, real estate title insurance. Many companies focus only on obtaining the title order. This leaves the finished product and experience to be lacking for all parties involved. Attorneys Title & Closing Services, LLC was formed to take that same product and package it for an audience who needed both precision and professionalism that only attorneys with so many years of experience can offer to real estate agents, attorneys, lenders and the individual homeowner.

Unlike other title companies, we only have attorneys close the transactions. With us, you have a proven professional at the closing table. Other companies just send a notary or someone with little to no experience to just get the papers signed. In our opinion this shows a real lack of credibility and a disregard for the importance of the client. One of the biggest transactions that most people will ever be part of is closing a home purchase or sale. Each transaction is unique and can be challenging due to either the facts of the situation or the parties involved. Is that the time to send just anybody to close a deal? No. The neglect by other companies to focus on all points of the title and closing process led us to where we are as a company.

Please explain the general process of closing a home sale:

After our staff complete the title search and prepare the title commitment all parties to the transaction get notified as to what items on title need to be resolved. Attorneys Title & Closing Services, LLC can help obtain the necessary information needed to clear title and execute the documents necessary to accomplish that. If there is a lender involved we can execute their documents as well to obtain the funding for the buyer. Our staff are able to help all parties; seller, buyer and lender to make the process smooth and worry free. Clients realize that a smooth closing often leads to repeat business through referrals and the building of relationships.

What is the realtors role along this process?

Realtors are valued partners in the closing process. They have worked very hard to put the deal together. They are skilled negotiators and communicators who represent their client's best interests. They get the buyer and seller to the closing table. At Attorneys Title & Closing Services, LLC our job is to make sure that everyone leaves the table with exactly what they expected.

How long can this process take?

Every deal is different. We have had quick deals close within a few days and complex deals taking upwards of a year to put together. We are uniquely sized to allow us to move as fast as needed by the parties. We are big enough to have the ability to handle and execute any task of any size and complexity. Yet we are small enough to be nimble and react as the situation dictates.

What are some issues that can arise during this process and how can they be resolved?

With so many parties involved in a real estate closing there is room for issues to arise. The best way to avoid them is to have us involved from the start. By working closely with our clients from the moment an offer is accepted we take the "cradle to grave" approach to make sure each step is handled the right way. Common errors can include both the buyer and seller not adhering to the terms of the deal and third party issues such as foreclosures, lender payoffs, taxes and judgments. The reason for the title search is to determine what factors currently affect the title to the property. We have seen items on title that the seller had no knowledge of. Sometimes resolving these issues takes some research and time. However, at Attorneys Title & Closing Services, LLC, having attorneys and staff with the necessary skills and experience working on each and every file goes a long way in resolving them quickly and to everyone's satisfaction.

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