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Home Inspections Importance

By Brian Reitzel

All American Home Inspections, LLC, was established in 2012 by a group of friends that believed in the All-American Dream. This team of ambitious professionals brings over 60 years of construction, general contracting, and engineering experience into a company that is the epitome of integrity and hard work. Greg & Jeannie Olson and Brian Reitzel combined their strengths to create an unmatched force in home inspection. All American Home Inspections will always operate with a foundation of unwavering ethics and exceptional service

Why do you believe it's important for homeowners to inspect their homes?

The home is one, if not the largest financial investment an individual makes. It is important to ensure your investment will maintain or grow in valuation and not take a hit due to neglect and deferred maintenance.

How often do you think homeowners should inspect their homes?

Homeowners should perform a self-inspection of their homes, inside and out, every spring and fall.

What are the 3 problems that usually go unnoticed, that are a quick fix for homeowners?

Life Safety Issues.

  • Check that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms actuate when tested, replacing batteries yearly. Homeowners should also check that egress windows and doors operate properly. Too often in our environmentally controlled homes we don't open bedroom windows anymore which allows them to become "frozen" shut inhibiting a quick egress in emergency situations.
  • Integrity of the homes weather barriers. This ties into the spring & fall walk around and includes the foundations drainage, siding, window and door weather stripping, and caulking; drip caps on horizontal projections, roof coverings, and flashings. All of these areas are a relatively low dollar fix, but if properly maintained can prevent costly water damage as well as high heating and cooling costs.
  • Status of the filters in the house. Today's high tech homes and appliances are geared to using less energy and providing a healthy environment. Many of these high tech systems and appliances have filters. Furnace filters, air handling filters, and water filters to name a few. There is another "filter" that is often overlooked, the electrical current filter, or surge protector that guards our high priced electronics. Clogged filters in any appliance will shorten the lifespan of that appliance.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Phones are the easiest way for people to contact us, however, emails work well too. The office number for our Holmen, WI location is (608)498-1390 and Red Wing, MN is (651)388-9989.

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