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Home Inspectors: The Most Common Issues

By Warren Porter

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

I started this company 20 years ago as I was always involved with construction of various sorts throughout my life though not professionally so I felt it would be a good fit. At the time there were no licensing requirements in Wisconsin so I joined the National Association of Home Inspectors and was connected with an inspector of which I took some training with for a couple of weeks. At that time he felt I should hang out my shingle and get started of which I did. Within a few years licensing was about to be required in our state and so several of us inspectors joined forces with a newer Wisconsin Home Inspection Chapter called The Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors (WAHI) of which we became the Madison Chapter of WAHI. I started out as the Vice President then a few years later became the education director. I was part of a panel of inspectors that gave input as to the new state licensing exam questions. I have also trained a few inspectors and have given some others some follow me on an inspection time to see how an inspection is carried out prior to them starting in the business. I believe that inspections should be an enjoyable time of discovering the ins and outs of a home..

Home inspectors are a consultant to the client and the client should consider their advice. The clients should also do their own looking during the inspection process as extra eyes do come in handy especially for some items that may not be significant defects as home inspectors are mostly looking for the larger cost to repair items. This is also a time for the clients to get a feel for inspecting the home, of which they can over the years inspect their own home to maintain it. .

What are a few of your biggest concerns when it comes to safety within a house?

My biggest concern is that there may be some homeowners who fail to understand the importance of maintaining their home or even what to look for at their home that may need maintenance or immediate attention to protect their family from injury..

What safety and inspection violations do you see most often in home inspections?

  • Improper wiring especially inside the electrical panel.
  • Improper soil grading which can lead to water in the basement.
  • Improperly attached decks.
  • Inadequately vented attics that show evidence of times of high humidity (Delaminated and stained or mildewed sheathing).
  • Roofs that are nearing or at the end of life. Sometimes the visible from the ground side is good but the hidden side only visible from the roof is deteriorating.
  • Additional licensing than Home Inspection but still a part of many homes are - Well and Septic system issues as to compliance or proper functionality.

What steps can homeowners take to resolve this issues?

Get educated to what to look for or hire a home inspector to do a maintenance inspection .

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

By phone 608-583-6024 (Fastest way) by email warren@porterwisconsin.com or fill out the inspection request form on our site, http://porterwisconsin.com

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