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How to Pump Your Home's Septic System: An Interview with Lisa Thompson of A-1 Sewer Service

By Lisa Thompson

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

A-1 Sewer Service is a family owned and run business. I started it back in May of 1996. In 1997 my husband Jim came to work for me and just this year our son Justin started driving for us. We service septic systems, grease traps, holding tanks, car wash, and many other types of tanks.

What type of maintenance do you recommend to keep septic systems up and running?

As for maintaining your septic system it really depends on how the owners use water, and how many people are in the home. The County started a program back in 1982 that requires systems to be pumped and / or inspected every 3 years.

Can you briefly explain what pumping a septic system means?

There are 3 different types of septic systems that are available to be put in depending on how much land the home has around it and how the land will take the water that is used in the home. The first being a convention drain field, the second could be an in ground pressure system and third a mound system. The number of tanks before the "field" depends on number of bedrooms and bathrooms not how many people will be living there.

How often should it be done and about how long does it normally take?

Again Dane County and most of the surrounding counties require septic systems to be serviced and or inspected every 3 years. The time it takes to service a system depends on how close the trucks can get to the tanks. The farther away and more hose that is needed the longer it takes to service.

What are some of the benefits of regularly servicing/pumping your system?

Benefits to being on a regular service schedule is not backing up in the house and catching any other potential problems before it causes a BIG problem.

What are some of the most common issues that can result from neglecting a septic system?

The one most common effect of neglect to a septic system is that the water that is used in the home is returned to the ground water (for use again) before it has been properly treated. Also there is always the possibility of the system backing up in the home if not properly maintained.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

If people have questions regarding their septic systems they are more than welcome to give us a call at 608-249-5845 or they can read more about care for septic systems on our website at www.a-1sewerservice.com. If they are not sure what type of system they have and wood like to know I would be more than happy to help them find that information using the County's website to determine what they have on their property as well. The more the homeowner knows about their systems the easier our job is! We are all about education which could save ( possibly fix the problem which saves money or just knowing they can get by till the morning so there are no after hour charges) on those late night calls for systems that are backing up.

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