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Iron Pagoda Athletic Club Brings Together Several Disciplines Under One Roof

By Pamela Sosnowski

Likewise, Iron Pagoda Athletic Club of Madison was inspired by a desire to bring together fitness enthusiasts of all disciplines and personal tastes.

"The inspiration was born organically out of our team of passionate instructors that came together under one roof to share their arts," owner David Welther said. "The training we offer connects our members with a deeper, more personal level of practice."

Members will find over 30 classes weekly in everything from yoga to martial arts at the gym, and may enjoy an introductory two-week period of unlimited classes. General fitness classes include traditional boot camp as well as Fire Pit (a fast-paced, fat-burning cardio class), Ignite, which combines boxing and martial arts, and Welther's personal favorite, The Forge.

"The Forge combines traditional martial arts weapons training with modern fitness formats that translates into an awesome functional fitness workout," he said. "The class uses an iron mace which is a weapon of war modified for strength and mobility training. Our members always leave sweaty and stronger than when they came in and they are eager to return to class imagining they are slaying dragons as they swing the mace."

"Our Iron Pagoda Tribe is a welcoming, empowering and diverse group that is dedicated to exploring new strengths and celebrating the rewards of training in all areas of life," Welther said. "The unity of our team breaks down the barriers and fear people often encounter when trying new things."

For martial arts enthusiasts, the gym has unique offerings including Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Chen Taijiquan Tai Chi, and Inayan Systems III Eskrima, a Filipino martial art that uses sticks and bladed weapons. All classes are taught by highly-trained instructors.

The gym also regularly holds special focus classes and events, such as Intro to Muay Thai, Tai Chi Sword, and more.

Iron Pagoda offers an alternative to the usual cookie cutter gyms, and is ideal for those that wish to build confidence as well as a strong body. "Some people want more than just a fitness class they can sneak in and out of," Welther said. "Our culture is one of guided exploration into the depths of self-defense, fitness, and wellness."

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