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Java Gets Served With A Smile at MOKA Coffee

By Pamela Sosnowski

With so many coffee chains and independent cafes saturating the country, a java lover may wonder why they should give MOKA Coffee, a relatively newcomer to the industry, a try. Kevin Boser, the company's CEO, can give you one important reason: you'll always leave a MOKA shop happy, not just because of the quality of the coffee, but also because of the exceptional customer service.

"We aim to creative positive environments in our stores, and we really focus on making sure our employees are friendly, attentive, and courteous with our customers," he says.

"We often remind our employees that we never know what has happened to our customers before they come to our store, and we never know what kind of day someone is having. It is our responsibility to make sure each and every customer that comes to any of our locations is treated with courtesy and care and has an interaction and experience that makes them feel better about their day."

MOKA has five locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and was founded five years ago as its own brand after operating initially as a franchise under a company called Java Detour. That parent company, based in California, was a drive-through coffee business model in the Midwestern U.S.

When Java Detour began struggling, the company's owner decided to establish MOKA as a stand-alone name. "The inspiration for MOKA comes from the idea that coffee is a great equalizer that can bring all different people from all different background together to enjoy a good cup of coffee," says Boser.

Yelpers rave not only about the friendliness of the employees, but the speed an efficiency of the service, especially the drive-through.

"Our customer service is exceptional," elaborates Boser. "We are very selective in our hiring process to ensure we only hire employees who are friendly and are able to have great interactions with our customers. We focus on a few simple yet important phrases - saying 'please' any time we make a request, or 'thank you' to every customer or 'would you like' instead of 'do you want.' We give our employees a lot of latitude in the interactions with customers, and we encourage them to engage with the customers and make a connection with them."

But just as importantly, the quality of the coffee and beverages is creating MOKA fans for life. The shops offer the usual range of coffee drinks including the house blend, espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and more. They also specialize in iced beverages and special blends that include smoothies, shakes, teas and of course, coffee. Boser recommends the miel latte, which is made with honey, ground cinnamon, espresso shot, and milk and has a subtle sweetness.

Boser strives to make MOKA a place where customers can take a breather from their schedule for a few minutes while savoring a great cup of coffee.

"In the coffee industry, we are often the first people that our customers see and interact with in a day, and we understand that we have the ability to make or break someone's day, which is why we place such a high emphasis on our customer service," he explains. "We like to view our stores as an 'oasis' for our customers to get away from their busy lives."

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