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Krueger Web Design Helps Make your Internet Presence Known

By Elisha Neubauer

While the worlds of web development and web design are very different creatures indeed, working extensively in both has created a comfort zone for Krueger - one in which he can freely move between the two fields and offer a heightened web design to his clients at a reasonable price.

Krueger's background in web development is one of the larger driving factors of his business. It has allowed him to take control of his websites, offering more advanced services to his clients and being able to fully understand and utilize the websites he creates.

"I now am comfortable working with a full stack of web technology, from the back-end code that drives a site, to the front end design and usability of the site," Krueger explains. While working in the web development field, Krueger observed a niche that was unfilled: So many businesses needed a professional, reliable, easy to maintain website, but weren't in a position to shell out thousands and thousands of dollars. "In this day and age, you can't afford not having a website," says Krueger. "That's where I come in."

When it comes to his own business, Krueger has managed to keep his overhead costs lower than the larger corporations in the industry, allowing him to charge lower, more reasonable prices. This opens the door for smaller to mid-sized companies to utilize the services of a web designer, which they might not have been able to afford before.

Pictured above is an example of a web page designed by Krueger.

"I try to do one thing, and do that well, and that is affordable, professional websites," he states. Being a one-man operation means that you, as a client, only have one point of contact. You don't have to worry about information not making it from point a to point b?every email, every phone call goes directly to the web designer working on your account.

As for workload management, Krueger only takes on as much work as he knows he can comfortably handle, often turning away clients in order to provide proper focus and attention to the accounts he currently holds.

Pictured above is an example of a web page designed by Krueger.

Krueger holds his work to a high standard, wanting to hold his own against the larger corporations in the same industry, while continuing to offer his services at an affordable rate. Knowing that, in today's age, your website is often the first impression many customers will have, Krueger pays great attention to the small details that can often times get overlooked.

"I want to make sure my sites are aesthetically pleasing, usable, and are responsive across all devices, including mobile, which is so prominent these days," he affirms.

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