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MadPower Training Center Brings the Heat to Your Next Workout

By Kelly Church

MadPower Training Center is a Fitchburg, WI that adds heat to yoga, barre, dance and strength-training classes. Owner Amy Sanborn built the studio around the idea of accelerating fitness by introducing heat to workouts and the gym has been recognized as one of the Madison area's best gyms.

"We've been in our current facility for just over a year," Sanborn said. "Prior to that we were in a small studio in Verona. MadPower itself has been in the making since 2003 when I began understanding the benefits from high intensity exercise in the heat."

Sanborn makes it simple. She credits high heat workouts with improved athletic performance. Based on research and science that has been studied for years with athletes at the forefront, MadPower Training Center puts the body through stress via heat and results in improved aerobic and anaerobic fitness. In fact, MadPower Training Center cites research that demonstrated heat training as being more effective than altitude training.

"The benefits of working out in the heat are many," Sanborn said. "One of the most notable is EPOC (exercise post-oxygen consumption) where you burn calories not only during your workout is over, but long after as well. This translates to a longer time to incinerate body fat. Another is the fast increase in V02 max and cardio vascular capacity. It is also a great way to workout hard with very little risk of injury."

Classes at MadPower Training Center are held at temperatures as low as 82 degrees and as high as 105 degrees. Classes range from relaxing yoga to the intense Inferno class, a high intensity interval training class that increases both mental and physical strength.

Classes are group fitness sessions; however, MadPower Training Center offers personal training as well for those who seek one-on-one training. Either way, Sanborn said the studio supports and helps build friendships among members.

"We call ourselves a tribe because it is truly a community of people who share common interests and are legitimately interested in developing friendships," Sanborn said. "People high five and introduce themselves to one another at the end of class and often stay after a cocktail at our bar, a massage or a pedicure."

Unlimited monthly memberships at MadPower Training Center are available for $99 a month. Additional pricing options are available for students, couples, and those who only want to do barre and yoga classes. Visit madpowertraining.com for details.

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