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Professional Advice on Building a New Home: An Interview with Jim Schmidt of Woodcraft Homes

By Jim Schmidt

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

See attached Woodcraft Homes Advantage and the Building Dreams pages.

What are some of the misconceptions that people in Wisconsin have about building a new home when you first meet with them?

Most people today are well educated and have a fair idea of what they want. Most of their normal concerns are quality, design, firm price and timeliness. For this reason we work very hard to deliver the highest level of service in each area. What surprises some people is our thorough approach and flexibility in design. In addition, we spend a generous amount of time answering questions and working with customers on their own design ideas. Our wall-mounted, large, 3D screen is a huge help for many who want to see what the interior and exterior looks like before ordering a home. Our team pulls out all the stops when working with our clients. Our Customer Referral Letter Binder is filled with letters of appreciation verifying our integrity and customer satisfaction.

Can you briefly talk about the major choices that prospective homeowners will need to make?

It all starts with a basic plan, theirs or ours. Sometimes, it is several plans or ideas rolled into one. Once the basic footprint is established, they start making finer touches and selections from the many customizable design options.

What are the biggest differences between custom- and production-built houses?

Production built homes are usually built on a speculative basis, in subdivisions, by subcontractors working for a developer. Often, design, materials and products are of a limited palette: unconventional or not available at all. Production home builder's first loyalty is to the developer, not the home owner. All our homes are custom-built because our first loyalty is to the home buyer. We are fully versatile and objective. Because we work directly for the home owner and not through a second party, we can afford to take the extra time to do the little things in the construction process that make the big difference in the end. We work with an extensive Quality and Control checklist that is continually refined and guarantees a very high level of excellence. And it is more than a quality product, it is a home built with pride and experience exclusively for the home buyer.

What do you think is one of the most challenging parts of the building process for homeowners?

I think the most challenging and important decision is finding the right builder who will work as team member with them. He must be a customer advocate. Working with the right person is easy, rewarding and fun.

What tips do you have for homeowners to help them better prepare and avoid stress while their home is being built?

Thorough plans, thorough specs (ours is 20 pages) and clear documentation of the timeline in advance and in writing. This goes back to finding the right builder.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

Phone: 877-288-7074

Email: info@woodcrafthomeswi.com

Web: woodcrafthomeswi.com

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