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Propst Pellets & Stoves Brings the Heat to Beaver Dam Homeowners

By Pamela Sosnowski

Pellet stove popularity has been heating up, quite literally, with homeowners in recent years. Compared to traditional wood stoves and fireplaces there is no creosote build-up, the units operate automatically, and a stove full of pellets will supply heat for up to 24 hours. Homeowner Gary Propst was introduced to the benefits of pellet stoves several years ago and was so impressed he opened up his own retail store specializing in the heating units, Propst Pellets & Stoves of Beaver Dam.

"I used a wood unit for years," he explains. "My neighbor had a pellet unit he sold to me. I liked the idea of filling it once a day and sleeping all night without the worry of running out of wood, a constant all-night heat source, and no stress of having a chimney fire."

Since 2004 Propst Pellets & Stoves has been selling wood pellet, corn, and multi-fuel burning stoves, fireplace inserts, furnaces, and three varieties of pellets to the southern Wisconsin area. The store is an authorized dealer of Earth Sense Energy Systems, America's largest dealer of pellet and corn burning stoves, inserts, and furnaces. Other brands available include Green Mountain Grills, Lennox, and Quadra-Fire. The store's staff will also take care of installation and can provide cleaning and maintenance services on all models.

While owning a pellet stove requires purchasing a supply of pellets (a stove typically runs for 24 hours on 40 pounds of pellets) the cost in the long run often proves to be an affordable option compared to gas and oil heat as the price of pellets tend to remain more stable. And as Propst explains, they're also more environmentally friendly.

"Pellets are made from a recycled and renewable resource," he says. "Sawdust and waste that would end up in land fills are compressed into a pellet form and used to produce heat in specially designed stoves. The efficiency of pellets make them clean burning, not adding to the ozone problem, and they burn cleaner than, gas, oil, propane and wood burning units. Pellet units are EPA exempt, and are 85-90% efficient."

Pellet units are also thermostat controlled, with auto ignition that allows the stove to shut down and restart itself based on the set temperature. Several safety features will prevent a unit from overheating and with no chimney required, the danger of creosote build-up is eliminated. Pellet stoves feature direct ventilation, and they can be vented horizontally out of a home, not through the roof.

The showroom at Propst Pellets & Stoves is open on Fridays and Saturdays during specified hours, but customers may also call to schedule an appointment.

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