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Real Estate Law Made Simple: An Interview with Joseph Madrigrano of Madrigrano, Aiello, and Santarelli, LLC

By Joseph Madrigano

Real Estate Law Made Simple: An Interview with Joseph Madrigrano of Madrigrano, Aiello, and Santarelli, LLC real-estate-law-made-simple

Tell us a little bit about your experience, firm's history and the areas of law that you practice.

My firm started upon my graduation from law school in May 1972. One of my high school classmates ran his father the largest real estate firm in Kenosha at the time and hired my firm to assist them in all types of real estate transactions for clients. Today our 4 lawyer firm limits our practice to business law, real estate law, civil litigation and estate planning for the most part.

What types of residential transactions do real estate lawyers typically handle?

An Interesting question is that there is the buyer side and seller side of a real estate transaction. We do both in addition to advising clients on how to break contracts already signed or defend contracts already signed.

What are the main reasons that people buying a home would want to consult with a lawyer?

Consider that for most people buying or selling a home may be the single largest financial transaction they engage in during their lifetime. Would a person not want qualified legal advice? While the State of Wisconsin has approved realtors writing offers on pre approved forms those forms and most realtors are not aware of all of the issues that arise in transactions of this type. Keep in mind in a real estate deal everything is negotiable.

Can you briefly explain the process of working with a lawyer to purchase residential property?

The biggest mistake people make in the process is signing an offer to purchase prior to consulting with an attorney. Brokers want to push the deal and advise that the contract will contain an "Attorney Review Clause" however such clauses have limitations and ties the hands of the attorney in some respects. See the lawyer when you get the twinkle in your eye to buyer a property. From the initial contact the buyer or seller has advice that is not founded in simply earning a commission.

Are there any state laws about transferring property ownership that most people aren't aware of but should know?

There are state laws that govern the process. The questions we normally get relate to tax impact or title 19 impact on the transfer of property.

When it comes to the actual buying process, what is one of the biggest mistakes that you've seen new homeowners make?

Not consulting an attorney prior to submitting an Offer to Purchase is by far the biggest mistake. Second biggest is relying on oral representations regarding the transaction that should be reduced to writing in the Offer.

What's the best way for people to reach you and your firm?

Our website kenoshalaw.com. Phone 262-657-2000 email jm@kenoshalaw.com my legal assistant 262-657-2900.

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