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Replacing Your Windows and Doors: An Interview with Shannon Attreed of Exterior Custom Solutions LLC

By Shannon Attreed

Do you want to lower your energy bill? You know that paper bill you get in the mail every month? We all get one. How would you like it to be lower? Talking about your fuel bill, with inflation, everything goes up. You are paying a lot more for your fuel today than you did 10 years ago. Fuel costs just keep going up and up. Replacing your windows with high efficiency windows from Exterior Custom Solutions can put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket every year. Which, if we look into the future 10 years, knowing that with inflation and the historical rising cost of fuel every year, that can mean tens of thousands of savings to you. Replacing your windows is the #1 home improvement to save you money. For those that say they can't afford it, think about the savings you are missing out on. We can help you with financing (even if your credit is less than perfect).

Exterior Custom Solutions LLC is a provider of new construction and vinyl replacement windows, and steel and fiberglass entry doors that exceed energy star ratings. The windows and doors are available in a variety of colors and stains. They are custom made to fit your existing openings. The options are unlimited. More importantly, they eliminate drafts; reduce noise, and lower energy bills.

Before you go out and buy any type of window, Exterior Custom Solutions will come out to your home, measure up your windows and sit down with you to discuss what you currently have, what else is out there on the market (materials, costs, warranties, etc.) and what we have to offer. This is a free, no-obligation estimate that is good for a year.

Don't forget about the importance of installation. You can buy the best window out there but if it is not installed correctly, you wasted your time and money. Our installers are experts in their field. That is all they do all day, every day, is install windows and doors. We have hundreds of customer reviews on Angie's List telling you how happy our customers are with the product and the installation.

Product technology and efficiency for windows and doors, for our cold Wisconsin winters, has changed a lot over the years. If your windows are over 10 years old, you should call us today to set up an appointment for this free, no-obligation estimate that is good for a year. 920-636-6992.

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