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Safarik Wellness Helps Heal The People Of Madison

By Keith Donaldson

Matt Safarik had had enough of the pain. After fighting back pain he spent time healing himself before going to massage school and learning to heal others. After two decades in the business Safarik took time to answer some of our questions about Safarik Wellness.

What​ first inspired you to open Safarik Wellness? How long have you been in business?

In my early twenties, I experienced a great deal of physical pain. There was discussion of surgery and it just seemed that there must be other alternative approaches. Much of the pain stemmed from years of athletic competition along with years of sitting at desks and in front of computers. My posture had been altered enough that pain was a regular occurrence. I decided to go to massage school in 1999 and have been practicing ever since. About seven years into my massage practice, I decided to expand my scope of practice and study Chinese medicine. My desire for Safarik Wellness is to educate and empower patients to be proactive in their own health and healing, and to help these same patients rediscover balance, joy and pain-free living.

How would you describe the atmosphere your office and studio offer to clients/patients?

Our office is quiet and peaceful with a comfortable waiting room where you can enjoy a hot cup of tea while awaiting treatment or spend a few moments before getting back into the fray of our daily routines after your session. The treatment room is safe and spacious, allowing for patient empowerment and optimal healing.

I read that you are a family business. How does your sense of family play into your approach at wellness and your business?

While my daughters, (ages seven and four) are still a bit tentative around the acupuncture side of this medicine, they both love getting and giving cupping to each other and to mom and dad. They also take herbs regularly. For most of us, family is the most important aspect of life and keeping loved ones healthy is just as important. I've worked with countless kids and parents alike. From injuries to emotional imbalances, kids respond so quickly and thoroughly. I also love that parents are exposing their kids to alternative medical practices.

Why do you think someone should choose Safarik Wellness for their acupuncture, massage, or herbal medicine needs?

At Safarik Wellness, patients enter into a relaxed and safe environment where their needs and concerns are heard and met. Treatment strategy is explained so the patient understands what is being addressed and also as important, why we are approaching treatment the way we are. We look into lifestyle habits, be it mental, emotional and/or physical/postural and address patterns that may be reinforcing the patient's reason for their visit. I've been working with the body for 20 years. I've seen and treated thousands of aches and pains, injuries and imbalances and love practicing the medicine today as much as the day I started.

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