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THRIVE Madison Offers a Triple Threat to Stressful Work Schedules

By Pamela Sosnowski

It's not so easy to define THRIVE Madison: is it a workout studio, massage spa, or a meal delivery company? Turns out it's all three, and it's changing the lives of busy Madison area executives and residents by making meal planning and a fitness regimen a little easier for them.

"Madison's population is growing and shifting," explained Dr. Sanaz Cordes, THRIVE's founder and owner. "High rises are erupting everywhere, and people from big cities are moving here for jobs that keep them busy 50-60 hours per week. So, our one-stop-shop approach to making healthy living convenient is really resonating."

Cordes, a busy entrepreneur herself, was seeking a start-up to invest in that would proof beneficial to all kinds of people, not just patients. She felt the city deserved an integrated healthy living model that would offer workout classes, therapeutic massage, and meal plans. THRIVE was launched in late 2017, and has already amassed a loyal following from local corporate clients that are leveraging the company's services to keep their employees happy and healthy.

"We're thrilled to see so much interest from the employer market," Cordes said. "Healthy eating can increase employee morale by 40 percent and productivity by 20 percent. We have three Madison-based employers working with us to create custom wellness programs that include our calorie-controlled meal, fitness offerings, and massage."

Currently, THRIVE teaches group classes in circuit training and boxing/kickboxing and also offers personal training at the workout studio on Seybold Road. The drop-in rate for group classes for new clients is $9, with several memberships including VIP status available. The classes are suitable for all fitness levels, and THRIVE's rates, on average, are up to 50% that of larger gyms.

Massage therapy sessions are available in the studio or at the client's home. Modalities include deep tissue, Swedish, sports, and rehab massage and may be booked for a 60, 90, or 120 minute long session. According to Cordes, massage therapy can help contribute to weight loss and an overall feeling of well being, especially for those working long hours at a desk job.

"We have clients who suffer from debilitating neck and upper back injury from typing on a computer all day, sciatica from sitting too much, or even severe conditions with risk of surgical intervention like carpel tunnel or cervical spine damage," she said. "Incorporating sports and rehab massage is a crucial part of keeping your body healthy."

Rounding out THRIVE's offerings are the tasty prepared meals, which usually average between 300 and 600 calories and are packed with nutrients. All THRIVE meals are made using locally sourced ingredients by the company's Madison chef and co-founder, Raine Streicher. Meals are dropped off weekly in recyclable containers and include options such as Thai coconut curry, turkey stroganoff, and vegan quinoa burger with sweet potato fries. Meal plans start with 16 servings of a client's choosing per month, billed at $9.39 per meal.

To learn more about THRIVE Madison and its services, visit https://thrivemadison.com.

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Gracie Flora

turns out it is all three and it's changing the lives of busy Madison vicinity executives and residents by means of making meal planning and a fitness regimen a bit less difficult for them. She felt

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