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Versa Studio Provides Customized Website Building with Brand Growth in Mind

By Kelly Church

Focusing on teamwork and collaboratively working with clients, Versa Studio creates efficient websites for brands looking to improve, or create, their digital presence. The Madison, WI company credits a brand's website as an expression of their identity. Ben Seigel, Principal at Versa Studio, says an effective website is key for a brand to create more meaningful work.

"Good websites make life easier," Seigel says. "When they communicate well, giving you what you need, you can go on with your day and produce more meaningful work. This goal is our inspiration."

Versa Studio works closely with each brand, getting to know the ins and outs of their business and what type of features and functionalities on the website would be beneficial. Additionally, Versa Studio gets to know each brand's customers, figuring out what motivates them. The result is a lot of questions and answers, and a website that resonates with a brand's customer base.

"We understand websites do not work in isolation -- they must align with clients' business goals," Seigel says. "We have a well-established process, based on our popular book Website Planning for Small Business that ensures the websites we produce work hard for our clients and measurably improve their business."

The company's website lists a few things that every client can expect by working with Versa Studio: getting to know the company, their commitment to each client's success, finishing projects on time and on budget, and an entirely customized website. In turn, Versa Studio expects their clients to respect professionalism, take their time to collaborate with Versa Studio and refer them, if the outcome is appreciated.

The company has worked with an array of clients, including the Alternative Credit Project, Arctic Oven Tent, CENIC, Wisconsin Land + Water and the Midwest Horse Fair. Versa Studio has an ongoing relationship with the Midwest Horse Fair, supporting the site's current event listings, ticket sales and sponsors.

"We've really enjoyed our relationship with Midwest Horse Fair," Seigel says. "Each year, over 50,000 horse aficionados come to Wisconsin for a wide range of events at The Fair, and they all depend on the website to help them plan their trip and day-to-day activities once they arrive."

On the Versa Studio website, potential clients can fill out a website planning brief to start the process and help clients determine cost. This also gives Versa Studio a good idea of what each client is looking for. They can be contacted by phone or via their website www.versastudio.com.

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