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Why You Need to Have Your Home Insured: An Interview with Tyler Wehner of McNamara and Thiel Insurance Agency

By Tyler Wehner

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We have been working with individuals and businesses owners for over 35 years in Wisconsin. All of our agents are qualified to recommend and licensed to sell a range of insurance products to include home, auto, health, and life insurance.

Please discuss in brief (and in laymen's term) the concept of "home insurance."

Home insurance protects you from a catastrophic financial loss. Your home is likely one of the largest purchases you'll ever make and we need to buy insurance in case something damages your home such as a fire, lightning strike, and/or wind/hail storm. There are other important coverages included as part of your homeowner's policy which your agent will explain.

Is there something about getting insured that most new homeowners don't know that they should know?

Yes, many customers focus on only price and don't consider the agency, carrier or what their policy actually covers. Cheap insurance usually equates to poor claims service and disappointment when there is a claim. No one wants to pay more than they have to for insurance, but price should only be one factor when you consider any insurance policy. Your agent will help you understand the value between coverage, carrier, and price.

What are the key reasons people should opt to have their homes insured?

Clients need to protect their investment and counter a catastrophic financial loss. In other words, most of us couldn't afford to write a check for a new home if ours burns to the ground. The properly written insurance policy will rebuild your home, replace contents, and find you a place to reside while your home is being repaired/rebuilt.

What do you consider "adequate" coverage for a new home and how do you determine the amount?

We use a software program that estimates the replacement cost of your home using market data for building materials and labor. When the estimate is complete we work with the homeowner to determine proper coverage.

What are some of the most important decisions that new homeowners need to make about their coverage?

The most important decision you can make is finding an agent and agency that you are comfortable with. A good agent will recommend the appropriate coverage and ensure the policy is written correctly. They'll also place you with a quality carrier and take the time to explain your policy.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

You can reach us at 920.923.2626 or visit our website www.mtins.net.

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